Found Haiku – Hey, when the prompt is “found”…

So, I was moved by the prompt today on the NaHaiWriMo site to try some more found haiku. The prompt was, of course “found.”

So, from today’s New York Times:

smiling through the rest
this prim, prudish part of me
a blade at the heart

(The New York Times Magazine, 06/01/14, pp. 34-39. Jesse Lichtenstein, “The Smutty Metaphor Queen of Lawrence, Kansas.”)

Two haiku on marriage:

at difficult times
the life cycle of being
she sings her way through

nothing prepares you
unexpectedly thrilling
(he dreams of leaving)

(The New York Times, 06/01/14, p. ST13. Linda Marx, “After the Guests Have Left.)

a bittersweet mood
at the sudden reunion
the years slipped away

(The New York Times, 06/01/14, p. TR10. Liesl Schillinger, “A Return to Nievre and to Childhood Memories.)