Oulipost #23: Inventory

Today’s Challenge: “Inventory is a method of analysis and classification that consists of isolating and listing the vocabulary of a pre-existing work according to parts of speech. Choose a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article and “inventory” the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, etc. Bonus points for creative presentation of your final lists.”

My source text for today is from p. C1 of The New York Times, 04/23/14. Brantley, Ben. “This is No Doctor. And No Lothario, Either.”

After making an inventory of the parts of speech in a selected passage from this article, I decided to rewrite the text omitting various parts of speech to create pieces of found poetry.  The truth is that the only found poem that seemed to work is the one that omitted the nouns and pronouns, so here it is:

No. And No, Either.

Do not be alarmed by recent that an irresistibly wholesome television has fallen deeply and helplessly into the that separates from, from and from.  Is no to fear for his, much less his. Quite the.

Playing an “internationally ignored song of undefinable,” in “And the Angry,” is in full of is and, most excitingly, has become with this.  Is a bona fide Broadway, the can rule with the of a sequined.

…And while may let see sweat as struts, slithers and leaps through shamelessly enjoyable, rousingly directed by (“Spring,” “American”) never makes feel like heavy.

The Inventory

Nouns: reports, Neil Patrick Harris, presence, gap, men women, East, West, celebrity, notoriety, need, safety, identity, contrary, stylist, gender, Hedwig, inch, Mr. Harris, command, performance, star, kind, audience, blink, eyelid, Mr. Harris, show, Michael Mayer, Awakening, Idiot, lifting

Verbs: do, be, has fallen, separates, is, to fear, playing, is, has become, is, can rule, may let, see, sweat, struts, slithers, leaps, directed, makes, feel

Adjectives: alarmed, recent, wholesome, television, no, his, his, ignored, song, undefinable, angry, full, this, bona fide, Broadway, sequined, enjoyable, heavy

Adverbs: not, irresistibly, deeply, helplessly, much less, quite, internationally, most, excitingly, shamelessly, rousingly, never

Pronouns: there, who, he, what, he, that, who, you, him

Conjunctions: and (5), with, as

Prepositions: by, into, from, from, from, for, of, in, in, through, by, that, that, like


5 thoughts on “Oulipost #23: Inventory

      • And I have NO – I repeat, NO – time tomorrow to do anything much, with the same problem on Friday for Larding (what an unattractive-sounding prompt.)

      • It is, isn’t it. We poets know pleasant from unpleasant! Tomorrow’s can be a one liner, I’m thinking. For the other, there is no reason each piece can’t be short, using, say the horoscope [no, I’ve used it twice already].

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